New Identity

2019 is an exciting new chapter in the evolution of Football United as we launch our new identity. It's our chance to say thank you for travelling with us on the journey so far, to appreciate where we are, and to look forward with purpose.


The logo is a classic football shield shape in a clean, modern design. and represents the hundreds of people every year that wear the jersey and are part of our story.

The ball represents the beautiful diversity of our individual journeys and experiences. The shield represents the stability and familiarity of our football field, where we come together to play, connect and learn.

We retain our famous red colour complemented by white and black accents.

We continue to go forward with purpose, creating safe and inclusive societies and equipping young people for life. We do this by:

Building Capacity, including FFA coaching certification, positive youth development and student work experience.

Building Pathways, including school-based and community after-school programs and pathways to employment, aligned with the Creating Chances pathway.

Building Awareness, including youth advocacy, female engagement and shared value outcomes with partner organisations.