Laureus Sport for Good Summit 2016

Director Anne Bunde-Birouste flew to Germany in October to join hundreds of people from around the world who use sport as a tool for social good.

 Photo: Laureus (2016)

Photo: Laureus (2016)

Earlier this year Laureus Sport for Good Ambassadors joined youth from our Evans High School program to celebrate Harmony Day. 

 Football United youth and Laureus Ambassadors (2016)

Football United youth and Laureus Ambassadors (2016)

Football United has been a beneficiary of the Laureus Sport for Good program in recent years, and has worked alongside fellow Australian beneficiary - the Cathy Freeman Foundation - to create chances for newly arrived youth and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander youth to connect, play sports and learn life skills. 

Football in the Park launches

We're excited to launch 4 new community programs this term in partnership with local football clubs and community organisations in Lakemba, Fairfield, Auburn and Granville. Select the image below for more details. 

These programs are delivered by Creating Chances and supported by LMA's Thrive program and CMRC's Youth Transitions Program. 

Field of Dreams 2 at Streetfootballworld Festival 16

In June and July our team from Football United joined scores of others from all over the world in Lyon at Streetfootballworld's magnificent Festival 16. 

The Football United team, representing Australia, is made up of students from Cambridge Park HS, Evans HS and Granville South HS. Margie Andreasson and Karam Alkhamasy led the group, with Alhassan Diallo and Theo Birouste joining as Festival 16 volunteers.

Director Anne Bunde-Birouste joined the team to launch the festival song, an adapted version of Football United's Field of Dreams, written in 2012 by Michael McGlynn and his team from Vienna People. 

International Women's Day

Football United's Community Coordinator Assmaah Helal, looks at the world of Sport for Development and Peace to celebrate the achievements of women and #pledgeforparity. 

 “Football today is overwhelmingly male – not because women and girls are inherently disinterested or incapable, but rather due to decades of institutional and social barriers that prevent them from playing.”

Moya Dodd

Vice-president of the Asian Football Confederation and a member of the FIFA Executive Committee


Football embraces equal participation opportunities for males and females. But in most cases the environment is dominated by male coaches, male managers and male role models. Female coaches, administrators and role models are vital components for ongoing participation and increasing equality.

TheWomensGame’s recent report, “Girls football participation hits all-time high”, highlights the reasons for increased participation of football for girls from minority groups and migrant communities, and makes specific reference to Football United’s role in this achievement.

Football United is able to address this gender bias and provides access to coaching qualifications and opportunities to use these skills within their community. Over 40% of Football United coaches are female. The gender balanced environment provided by Football United not only increases short term participation amongst females but also the long term opportunities to grow and diversify the volunteer and paid workforce available to Football in Australia.

The strategic aims of Strong Women, Strong World are focused on:

  1. SAFE SPACES: Providing culturally appropriate sporting activities and environments for girls and their families, particularly from refugee and migrant backgrounds to participate comfortably.  i.e. girls only spaces, creating a safe space, building positive relationships with families and schools, providing inspiring female role models from within the community to coach. 
  2. ROLE MODELS: Build the capacity of young women from diverse communities with the skills required to navigate life effectively and contribute to the wider Australian community as agents of positive social change i.e. through coach education, advocacy training, mentoring and leadership camps and forums.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Football United facilitates an annual Strong Women. Strong World forum inviting program participants and inspiring female leaders identified through corporate and community partners from various professions to share stories, challenges, and provide an opportunity to network and engage in capacity building activities.

What more can you do to leverage sport to consistently provide equal opportunities for women and girls? 

Football United Corporate Euro Cup

Football United partnered up with Australiance to bring the 2016 Corporate #EuroCup to life! Saturday 5 March saw teams congregate from across Sydney to compete in a fun, vibrant tournament with an emphasis on fair play and underpinned by a real sense of purpose and giving. 

Team Brazil edged the final with a high quality final edged on penalties over Team X. 

Proceeds of the tournament will support the Football United participants who will make their way to Lyon, France to represent Australia in Festival16, to be held during the European Championships in early July.